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At the attractiveness of Budapest, in Szentendre, along the national motor road, industrial, commercial and logistic field/s is/are for sale from 1 to 15 hectares.

In the 14th district of Budapest, next to the Budapest-EXPO, ab. 4.500 m2 office building is for sale. The property has a large internal yard and two front stages.

Zugló district of Budapest, at the #M3 highway exit gate, ab. 2.000 m2 plot is for sale. Property has a 1.200 m2 floor-place of building which is suitable for office building, owner-occupied block and pension utilization.

In the Buda site of Budapest, on the bank of Blue Danube, next to the exclusive residential community, a 2 hectare plot is for sale, which is suitable for residential community, office building and hotel utilization.

In Old Buda district of Budapest, a villa-estate is for sale, which is suitable for owner-occupied block utilization.

At Eastern attraction of Budapest, in Aszód garden city, a 7,5 hectares plot is for sale, which is suitable for residential community utilization.

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