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In the east sector of Budapest at the MO motorway 3. higway exit, multi-functions building complex is for  Sale.

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The size of the land property is 33.000 m2, on it situated buliding complex/hall is 8600 m2, in which offices, dressing rooms are situated

  and the covered area is 3700 m2.

  The Offer Price: 6.650.000 EUR   

To a 5* Hotel Project in Budapest, in Buda side between Buda Castle and the river Danube Bank.

The plot size of the Hotel is 700m2. 

The 4 story building is 3400m2, the deep garage is 1300m2 and the may formed number of rooms is 90.

This project has building permit, for the customer we can undertake the implementing of the project in a high standard.

Offer price of the project:  7. 500.000. Euro 

For the sales of a 650 m2 shop-showroom and a 2.700 m2 hall building located

on a 12.500 m2 real estate in Jászberényi Street, District X, Budapest.

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         The two-floor, 650 m², shop-showroom of mainly one air-space and the separate offices are equipped with heating-cooling and ventilating installations meeting the requirements of the XXI century.

The hall building’s area is altogether 2.700 m², from which 1.100 m² has a headroom of 8,3 m, and 1.600 m² has a headroom of 5,4 m. Due to its location and 7 entrances it can be separated as necessary.

The estate is equipped with outdoor lighting, camera and sprinkler systems. 

        Tender price: 3.200.000 EURO+VAT 


At the 10. district of Budapest along the mainstreet 31, in Jaszberenyi Street, situated on a 100.000m2 land property a 38.000m2 building property for sale or for rent which suitable for commercial and logistics purposes.


  The real estate joint has:

24.000 m2 dry warehouse, 6.000 m2 frozen warehouse,
1.300 m2 deep-frozen warehouse, 2.600 m2 office buildings.
The property is excellent for establishing commercial centre or warehouse centrum.
The property joint may shared for only warehouse and office building, or for a Hotel.

Offer price: 16.500.000,- Euro   

 On the sale of land real estates suitable for industrial, logistics purposes up to 40-100 ha at Bőny,

in the vicinity of the Industrial Park, in the outskirts of Győr.


The area is bordered by the clearway connecting Székesfehérvár to Győr and joins the roundabout found at clearway no. 19; it is located at a distance of 15 km from Győr, 10 km from the airport of Pér and at 15 km from the port of Gönyü. The area has received the Industrial Park classification, a building permit, a building-in level of 50 % are valid for it; it is fully provided with public utilities infrastructure and possesses a road network permit, which will be realised as required.


  Limit price: Euro 24.5 + VAT / m2

   Newly built four star-hotel in the city-centre of Bratislava is for sale


-with the option of rental back-


  In Petrzalka, which is one of the most beautiful districts of Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city, on the shore of a pictuaresque lake and forest, on a 31.000 m2 large plot, a newly built four-star hotel with 106 rooms is for sale.

The property provides several conference halls, which can host 200-800 people, wellness unit, leisure time centre, huge car parking place and thermo heating. In the neighbourhood of the plot there are state and private hospitals, clinics. Just 1 km far away from it, there is going to be built, on more than 10 ha, one of Europe’s biggest Casino and Leisure-Time Centres, called „Metropolis”, which is going to be complete by 2012 or 2013 according to the plans.
The city provides international highway connecting Slovakia to Europe (such cities as Wien, Budapest, Prague), European railways, port at the Danube River, and international airport.

The Hotel is also for sale together with the company. If required, the owner will rent it back for a long-time period.

  Price: 23.000.000 EUR    



 for 240-250 hectares industrial-, commercial-, 
logistical and service-park utilization
in Bábolna/Hungary



In West- Transdanubia,
in the industrial environment of Győr, in the south- east side of Bábolna, by the city border, 240-540 hectares historical agricultural plot is for sale.   

Distance from the M1 highway 4 km, 18 km from the port of Gönyű, 8 km from the airport of Pér, on the Bábolna-Nagyigmánd railway by the transfer station.
The area has also an excellent logistical facility.

Conditions of region:

This part of the country has one of the most developed agricultur in Hungary.
The surroundings of the project the high qualified and appropriate quantity human resourch is available because of the closeness of larg cities.

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Provision of public utility of area: 

The area has an excellent provision of public utility (industrial -,drinking-, fire water are available and the slop water diversion, too). Gas energy is provided by ÉGAZ-DÉGÁZ Zrt. and their pipline have the big-avarege-pressure. Electrical energy can
be provided by E.ON Zrt. from a 20 kV aerial cable.  

Introduction of Project:

The area is suitable for industrial, logistical, commercial and service-park, –
with permission of the directing plan.

On the property there is a large volume of 58°C hot water/ thermal spring resource – the mining permission is available.

                                                               Price: 12,50 EUR +VAT/m2     



In Győr, an engineering undertaking - representing the engineering industry and carrying out its operation in the Industrial Park of Győr - has been supplier for over 25 years owing to the holding like operating of the AUDI-VW-Group, additionally it has performed the designing, production and maintenance of the automatic systems installed in engineering industrial, pharmaceutical and food industrial companies.

Current staff number of the company: 80 to 90 persons.

The Company possesses continuous and long-term contracts.

                                  The sales value of the 60% business share is 5,000,000 EUR. 

    Next to Budapest City Center, in the Anker-Köz

  1500 m2 Business Center is for sale.


The business center has 4 floors, in the ground floor there are meeting rooms, with big size public halls and tresors.

The ground level and the floors are excellent for office functions.

                                                                    Offer Price: 585.000.000 Ft    


EDEN THERMAL SPA Hotel and Spa Villapark  project by Thermal Lake Heviz

  It is a 5-star 357-room luxury hotel, a conference room for 800 people.
The hotel based on comprehensive health- wellness services and rehabilitation.
The size of the thermal water baths is 1,850 m2, the sports hall is 1,500 m2 the park is 6000 m2. Hotel Land area is altogether: 46,300 m2 .
The project provides the medical background of the Semmelweis University (Hungary largest Medical University).
  International railway, national highway and the Balaton (by Sármellék) airport helpes to approach the hotel.
 To construct this project, 17-20 million EUR grant is available.

Sales Price: 16.500.000, - Euro



 (59CSÖ001) Luxury hunting castle, 1.500 m2, not far from Budapest, in the eastern part of the #M0 ringway, running around Budapest, 3 km far from the airport Ferihegy and the Hungaroring too, together with 32 hectares plot and a small lake suitable for doing sports and fishing is for sale.

The castle is above sea level 300 m, on a hilly area, with recreation area in it’s surroundings. It's enclosed around; good-bearer fruit-trees have water-system too.
Receiving of privat airplane is possible too. 

The castle is excellently suitable for hotel-utilization, or organising sports- and free time activities, events.

Price: EUR 4.800.000 + VAT


(359BP001) On the Buda side of Budapest, by the Szabadság-hill, next to the Southern Railway Station, a cca. 400 m2 building with street side and a 1.200 m2 plot , with 4 parking places, is for sale. The property is in a very good technical situation.

Prise: HUF 150.000.000 (inclusive VAT)

sold_bp_orbanhegyi_2.jpg  sold_bp_orbanhegyi_1.jpg

(357BP001)In the business and financial district of Budapest, on one of the most important streets of the city, in the area with the busiest hotel activity, next to the crossing of Rákóczi street and the Nagykörút, in József Körút, a 5.524 m2 building is for sale. The building structure is in perfect condition. The building has 2 parts and between them an inner courtyard. Both front and rear façade are in excellent condition. It has got 2 street sides (József boulevard and Bacsó Béla street), and is suitable for a high quality apartment-house, hotel or office building utilization.

Price: EUR  6.500.000 + VAT


(135BP003) In the 8th district of Budapest, on the edge of Szigetvári street, a new, up-to date storied office building with 1.200 m2 total floor-place is for sale. Property is suitable for hotel utilization. Building has cellar floor and parking place with 12 cars’ capacity in the yard of estate. 
Price: EUR 1.300.000 + VAT



(12GY004) In the Western part of Transdanubia, in appearance an exclusive, newly built car salon is for sale together with the brand agency.

More information: exclusively on personal meeting.


A plot of 11.000 m2 with the service providing hall, a supermarket on a surface area of 3.500 m2 located on the real estate is for sale in the centre of Komárom.

The newly-built and modern real estate is situated in the town centre at the branch of motorway M1 to clearway no. 1 in Transdanubia, at the Danube bridge, connecting the Slovak Republic to Hungary. Its fully built public utility infrastructure and the high number of parking places make it suitable for both trading and service providing purposes.

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Limit price: 680.000.000 Ft+Áfa 


  Győr- Bőny:

 On the sale of land real estates suitable for industrial, logistics purposes up to 40-100 ha at Bőny, in the vicinity of the Industrial Park, in the outskirts of Győr. 

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The area is bordered by the clearway connecting Székesfehérvár to Győr and joins the roundabout found at clearway no. 19;it is located at a distance of 15 km from Győr, 10 km from the airport of Pér and at 15 km from the port of Gönyü.The area has received the Industrial Park classification, a building permit, a building-in level of 50 % are valid for it; it is fully provided with public utilities infrastructure and possesses a road network permit, which will be realised as required


Limit price: Euro 24.5 + VAT / m2    

(3GY010) In a frequented area of the city centre of Gyõr (halfway between Budapest and Vienna), by a high street, opposite Möbelix discount furniture store and Aldi discount beverage store, a 800 m2 , 2 storey office building and business premise, suitable for building more floors on it, with streetfront and a huge car park is for sale - even together with the firm.

Price: 145.000.000 HUF (without VAT!)



(357GY003) Gyõr, in city centre, near the Spa and Wellness centre, in green environment, a 2.642 m2 building plot is for sale. Building up possibility is 100%, permissible height is 3 floors. According to the sorting plan the local government is planning to form cca. 60-80 parking places.
The area is suitable for hotel, office building, business house, therapeutic centres and food discounts. There is not a food store in 3 km district. If requested, the property can be sold together with firm.

Price: HUF 115.000.000 + VAT

gyor_bercsenyiliget.jpg  gyor_bercsenyiliget_003.jpg

(257GY002) In the south side of Gyõr, in Szabadhegy, near the new residential home, the population of this part of Gyõr is 40.000, 1 hectare commercial- service plot is for sale, with well functioning commercial units- which will be demolished by an expansion, till this action they provide net 1.8 million HUF revenue.
The capacity of the real estate 90 %. The size of the buildings are cca.4.100 m2.
The plot can be expand to cca. 15.000 m2 or 3.500 m2.
The number of the daily commuter are 15- 20.000. There is not any food mart, general shop, DIY stores and petrol stations on this part of the city.

Price: 360.000.000 HUF + VAT


(2GY028) In the brand new residential community of Gyõr, a plot between 6.555 - 13.097 m2 is for sale for building up owner-occupied blocks. Currently, the residential community does not have any grocery and/or shopping centre, population is over 30.000 persons.

Price HUF  330.000.000  + VAT 

img016.jpg img017.jpg

(2GY030) On the border of Gyõr, in a commercial and service industrial environment, by the exit gate of # M1 highway, between the department store METRO and other commercial stores, a 1 hectare plot is for sale, which has the all public utility - connections.
Price: 75 EUR +VAT/m2

(2GY008) In the city of Gyõr, along the motor road and on the front of street, in the commercial and service industrial scale, a 2,200 m2 property is for sale where a 1,200 m2 building and hall, with an office and social rooms are located. Building is on a very haunting commercial place, which is suitable for establishing an office building. Extension and heightening of the building is allowed.
Price:  HUF 125.000.000 + VAT