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( 4KK001) We offer for sale in Kecskemét, central-located, on the road to highway, running gas-station including shop, cafe and car-wash.  Gas-station is a member of german OIL-net. Can be sold together with business.

 Price: 1.400.000 Euro+VAT



On Nagykőrösi street, Budapest, at the M5 highway turn-off, in front of the “Car market”, a 2 hectares commercial, service industryand economic plot is for sale, which is suitable for establishing a Gas Station, or car repair service. The area can be purchased all in one or divided to parts. The public utility connections are on boundary of the plot.

Price:  EUR  3.100.000 + VAT


(4BP001)On the street of Nagytétényi, in commercial and service industrial environment of Budapest, where the new # M6 and # M7 highways’ cross point is going to be settled in the very near future, an ab. 5.500 m2 plot is for sale. The field has direct contact with the Hotel Aquarius and Harbor Park.  Property is suitable to settle gas station, truck’s terminal, new cars’ show building and for other commercial utilization

Price: HUF 40.500 + VAT / m2




(257GY002)   In the south side of Győr, in Szabadhegy, near the new residential home, the population of this part of Győr is 40.000, 1 hectare commercial- service plot is for sale, with well functioning commercial units- which will be demolished by an expansion, till this action they provide net 1.8 million HUF revenue.
The capacity of the real estate 90 %. The size of the buildings are cca.4.100 m2.
The plot can be expand to cca. 15.000 m2 or 3.500 m2. 
The number of the daily commuter are 15- 20.000. There is not any food mart, general shop, DIY stores and petrol stations on this part of the city.

Price: 360.000.000 HUF + VAT


(235GY001)In the substantial commercial and service industrial environment of Győr, 5 min. from the exit gate of # M1 highway and the down town, a 13.500 m2 plot is for sale all in one or divided (3.000 m2 + 4.750 m2 + 4.250 + 1.500 m2), which has access from 3 directions, and it is suitable for gas station utilization. Property has permission to build up with 50% and the building's permisible height is 11 m. 

Price: HUF 55.000 + VAT / m2



(357GY003) Győr,  in city centre, near the Spa and Wellness centre, in green environment, a 2.250 m2 building plot is for sale. Building up possibility is 100%, permissible height is 3 floors. According to the sorting plan the local government is planning to form cca. 60-80 parking places.
The area is suitable for hotel, office building, business house, therapeutic centres and food discounts. There is not a food store in 3 km district.
If requested, the property can be sold together with firm.

Price: HUF 125.000.000 + VAT


(245VSZ001) North of Győr, by a national main road,on the  Hungarian – Slovak border, a 7.500 m2 plot for building-up a petrol station, all in one and/or divided, is for sale.

Price:  HUF  3.500 / m2


(2GY007) In downtown of Győr, on the motor road of # 82 in direction of Veszprém, a 3,500 m2 land is for sale in commercial and service industrial area with the whole public utility connection.

:  HUF  45.000.000    SOLD !!!



(235MV001) In West-Transdanubia, near the Austrian and Slovakian borders, beside of the # 1 motor-road in direction to Vienna, in the inner city of Mosonmagyaróvár, 1 – 30 hectares logistical- and industrial plots are for sale. The properties are qualified by local government for business purposes and the public utilities are on the border of fields.

Price:  HUF  9.000 – 10.000 / m2 + VAT




(24TP001) In Western part of Tapolca (in direction of Lake Balaton - Keszthely - Sárvár) in the area where car services, commercial institutions are operating, 5.000 to 10.000 m2 fields are for sale, all in one and/or divided. 

Price: 5.500 HUF/m2





(4KH001) In the centre of Keszthely, near the motor road between Hévíz and Zalaegerszeg, a 6.100 m2 commercial and service industrial land is for sale.

Price: 23.500 HUF+VAT/m2


(4HE001) In West -Transdanubia, in the centre of Hévíz (bath city), 5.800 m2 commercial and service industrial land is for sale next to Hotel and Shopping Center.

Price: 19.000 HUF +VAT/m2


(257BSZ001) In the South side of Lake Balaton, on Western-Transdanubia, in Balatonszemes, at the M7 highway turn-off, an 8 hectares plot is for sale, which can be used for industrial, logistical green field development and/or establish a gas station, to build hotel and also owner-occupied block.
The property has the necessary public utility connections and it can be sold in all and/or divided.

Price: 11 EUR/m2



(257CST002) An ab. 15.000 m2 property is for sale, which is next to the main road of Kecskemét, near by the residential zone at the bound of the city. The property is suitable for commercial-, building owner-occupied blocks-, gas station and sports facility investment.

Price: 5.750 HUF/m2

(4KK001) In the south side of Kecskemét, at the cross point of # 52 motor-road and # M5 high way, a gas station is for sale, or on demand together with firm, on a 4.470 m2 plot with 220 m2 floor-place building. Property has a snack bar and a shop and it is in 5 kms far from the center of city. The motor road of # 52 has connection with # M6 high way which is running through the Bridge of Danube and touching Dunaújváros.

 Price: 1.400.000 Euro+VAT

kecskemet-bezinkut1.jpg kecskemet-benzinkut2.jpg



(24GU001) In South-Lowland of Hungary, at Gyula, in both sides of motor road between Gyula and Békéscsaba 4.000 m2 industrial, commercial and service industrial lands are for sale.

Price: HUF 8.500 + VAT / m2


(4MC001) In Magyarcsanád, between Szeged and Nagylak, in direction of the Serbian border and Makó, commercial and service industrial land is for sale, which is suitable for Gas Station, Restaurant, Pension, Parking place for Trucks and service industrial activities.


(4NO001) In Nagyoroszi, by the motor road, a commercial and service industrial land is for sale, which is suitable for Gas Station, Restaurant, Pension and service industrial activities.


(4KS001) In Kisszállás, near the motor road and the Yugoslavian border, a four-stall Gas Station with Restaurant, Car Wash, Night Club and Pension is for sale. The overturn of Gas Station is determined by the very heavy Truck traffic.

Price:  HUF125.000.000



(14SZG001) No distance at all of city centre of Szeged, in industrial- and residential area, well functioning modern gas station is for sale. The gas station has been operating since 13 years and it has a direct contact with the road of city centre and with the main road of #5. The gas station is easy access from all direction. Property area is 5.000 m2 and the station has 6 pieces of dispensers and one of them has heavy performance. On the property you can find shop, car wash, car rental, gas-allotter and service too.
Gas station has been operating since 13 years like a franchise-partner and they have frame contract with ab. 12 pieces shipping company.

Price: 250.000.000 HUF +VAT -  the owner can it rent back too -



(3PCS001) In Pécs city, along the main road, in a merchandizing environment, an 11,800 m2 land is for sale, all in one or divided, if required, together with firm. Next to the plot there are the department store Praktiker, and several other commercial and service - industrial multinational companies.

Price:  HUF  19.500 / m2 +VAT






(357MI001) In Miskolc, on the edge of the Street József Attila and Besenyő, a 8.000 m2 plot is for sale with small buildings need wrecking. The real estate is located in commercial and service industrial environment, which is suitable to establish shopping centre, business-, office- and service buildings, hotel, cars' show saloon and/or gas station.

Price:  285.000.000 HUF +VAT

Properties under construction:

In the Nord-West side of Tatabánya, next to the motor-road, about 5.000 m2 plot is for sale, which is suitable for gas station utilization.

In Hévíz-Alsópáhok, by the site of motor-way between Zalaegerszeg and Keszthely, at the new traffic circle a 5.700 m2 plot is for sale, which is suitable for gas station utilization.



In West-Transdanubia
, next to the Austrian border in Szombathely, by the METRO and Viktória Furniture Store an ab. 5000m2 plot is for sale, which is suitable for shopping center utilization. Property has the public utility connections.



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