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In Petrzalka, which is one of the most beautiful districts of Bratislava, Slovakia's capital city, on the shore of a pictuaresque lake and forest, a 15.000 m2 plot is for sale. According to the development plan, the use of the plot as a hotel, medical, sport and leisure time centre, or any other service functions are premitted. In the neighbourhood of the plot there is the four-star Bon Bon Hotel and Conference Centre, and there are also state and private hospitals, clinics. Just 1 km far away from it, there is going to be built, on more than 10 ha, one of Europe's biggest Casino and Entertainment Centres, called „Metropolis", which is going to be complete by 2012 or 2013 according to the plans..

The city provides international highway connecting Slovakia to Europe (such cities as Wien, Budapest, Prague), European railways, port at the Danube River, and international airport.

Price: 330 EUR+VAT/m2



In West- Transdanubia, 45% proprietary rights of an exclusive 4 stars superior hotel, with 150 rooms, conference room for 500 people, thermal bath, is for sale.

More information: exclusively on personal meeting.

(1GY001) 35 %of a project company, is worth 8 billion Forint, stands before improvement, is for handover with a first class background. The handover price of the property part is 1.500.000 EUR.

More information: exclusively on personal meeting.


(3BP001) In Budapest's downtown,
on Andrassy Street, in exclusive business and economic environment, beside the Opera-house, cca. 300 m2 parlor redolent of age (inclusive 100 m2
storage) with gallery, is for rent for a long-term, maybe for sale.

Rental fee:      15.000 EUR + VAT/Month
Price:                2.000.000 EUR

opera_patika02.jpg opera_patika01.jpg

(12BP001) In the industrial, commercial and service industrial partof Budapest, in the11th district, in street Szerémi, a 3.600 m2 plot with ordered, parked surface, parking places, a 2.300 m2, 3 storey air-conditioned, modern office building and a business premises- and warehouse building is for sale, together with firm. The property has the all public utility services and an own heating-refrigeration system, its rental capacity utilization is 90% now.

Price:  EUR  1.800.000  + VAT


(135BP001) On the street of Rákóczy, in Budapest, a 670 m2  unique and exclusive Restaurant is available for sale.


Options:  a.) client purchases the building only, b.) client purchases the building and company, together,  c.) client purchases the building and the current proprietor rents it back in 100%.

Price: HUF 400.000.000 + VAT



(135BP002) At Baross square (next to East Railway Station) in Budapest, a 1.400 m2, 4-storey office building is for sale, together with its current tenants (renters). If required, the company could also be sold by the proprietor. In addition to the above, the owner can rent the building back in 100%.

Price: HUF  850.000.000 + VAT

 photo-0121m-2.jpg   masolat-2.jpg

(135BP003)  In the 8th district of Budapest, on the edge of Szigetvári street, a new, up-to date storeyd office building with 1.200 m2 total floor-place is for sale, which can be rent back by the owner. Building has cellar floor and parking place with 12 cars’ capacity in the yard of estate. 

Price: EUR 1.300.000 + VAT


(8BP003) In Budapest - Budaörs’ enhanced area, in merchandizing environment, near to the motorway, on a 6,000 m2 plot a gross 5.700 m2 floor space light-structured steel hall (it has 2 storey with 2 x 2.200 m2 floor space) for wholesale and retail store utilization is for sale with whole infrastructure (water, electricity, gas, telephone-connection, canal).

Price:  HUF + VAT


(13BP001) At the western gate of Budapest, in a very haunted place, a 3.500 m2 business- and office building with the current proprietor’s (back) rental is for sale. The Seller, who can rent back and develop the building, has more than 15 years reputation in business and has a thriving company.  

Price: HUF + VAT 

(15BP002) West of Budapest, in Esztergom, in the industrial area of the city, a new 3-star Hotel, built in 2005, with 330 visitors’ capacity is for sale in a long-term lease contract. If required, it can also be sold together with the firm.

Price: HUF  650.000.000 + VAT


(12GY004) In the Western part of Transdanubia, in appearance an exclusive, newly built car salon is for sale together with the brand agency.

More information: exclusively on personal meeting.



(12GY003) In the west side of Gyõr, next to the Nr. 1 international road, 2 km from the junction of the M1 highway (Wien- Budapest), in industrial and commercial environment, in the neighborhood of commercial units, cca. 13.300 m2 plot, with a 4.800 m2 warehouse is for sale.
The warehouse is suitable for industrial, logistical, commercial and service real estates.

Price: HUF 655.000.000 + VAT

dobradi_grafikai_latvanyterv.jpg dobradi_google_terkep.jpg


In the south side of Gyõr, in Szabadhegy, near the new residential home, the population of this part of Gyõr is 40.000, 1 hectare commercial- service plot is for sale, with well functioning commercial units- which will be demolished by an expansion, till this action they provide net 1.8 million HUF revenue.
The capacity of the real estate 90 %. The size of the buildings are cca.4.100 m2.
The plot can be expand to cca. 15.000 m2 or 3.500 m2.
The number of the daily commuter are 15- 20.000. There is not any food mart, general shop, DIY stores and petrol stations on this part of the city.

Price: 360.000.000 HUF + VAT



(125GY001) In the historical city centre of Gyõr, a 580 m2 building with three street sides and view to the Danube, which is operating now as a commercial-host unit, is for sale. The property does not have an ancient monument character, but has building plans.

Price: EUR 700.000

brady_ras_terv.jpgfinal construction drawing


(12GY001) In Gyõr’s industrial environment, next to the motor road, with 6,642 m2 free lands, 2 x 1,030 m2 2-stage buildings – including the social rooms - are available for sale. Proprietor will rent back the real estate in 100%, but if it is required, the property can be sold together with company (firm).

Price:  HUF 180.000.000 + VAT

(2GY001) On the street of Fehérvári, at Gyõr, in the commercial and  service park area, a real estate consisting of a 1,540 m2 store and warehouse, a 360 m2 office, a 102 m2 workshop and washer,     2,300 m2 yard with asphalt and 100 m2 green field is for sale. The property (real estate) has tenant for long term, in 100%.

Price: HUF 325.000.000 + VAT



(3GY010) In a frequented area of the city centre of Gyõr (halfway between Budapest and Vienna), by a high street, opposite Möbelix discount furniture store and Aldi discount beverage store, a 800 m, 2 storey office building and business premise, suitable for building more floors on it, with streetfront and a huge car park is for sale - even together with the firm.

Price: 145.000.000 HUF + VAT


(357GY001)In the city center of Gyõr, next to wellness bath, a 10.500 m2 plot is for sale. Property has permission from local government to build up a 6-storey high building with 2-storey deep garage, with a total floor-place of 20.000 m2. Building can be utilized as pensioner house, hotel and/or culture center. The ready building - like sport-, program- and/or cultural center -, can be leased by a reliable operator company for 10 years. The total value of investment is expected ab. HUF 4 thousand million + VAT, out-off which the local government could provide the investor with non-returnable loan amounting to HUF 1,5 thousand million.

Price: HUF  + VAT



(23BN001) In a peaceful part of the city-centre in Bábolna, a 1-storey, 900 m2 office building all in one or separately are either for sale or for rent. The town is located 100 km far away from Budapest and 30 km far away from Gyõr. It has its own direct connection (entry) to the Highway M1. The building is approachable form one of the main streets of the town. Opposite the building, there is a bus-stop, too. The real estate is situated on an improved site, it’s provided by elektricty, city water and sewage, district heating, phone lines, inner computer network (LAN) and alarm system as well. The manager offices and the server room are air-conditioned. The office building owns 15 outdoor parking spaces. Thus the office building has excellent equipments, infrastructure, and location. It is suitable for commercial – servicing activities or for storing equipments for the light industries.

Price: 138.000.000 HUF+Vat

Rental fee: 1.000 HUF+Vat/m2 +overheads



(123CS001) In West-Transdanubia, in the city of Csorna, by an international main road, new built office and service building, with parking place, is for sale together with firm if it is needed. The building has 50 % utilization now.
Price: HUF  150.000.000 + VAT



A plot of 11.000 m2 with the service providing hall, a supermarket on a surface area of 3.500 m2 located on the real estate is for sale in the centre of Komárom.

The newly-built and modern real estate is situated in the town centre at the branch of motorway M1 to clearway no. 1 in Transdanubia, at the Danube bridge, connecting the Slovak Republic to Hungary. Its fully built public utility infrastructure and the high number of parking places make it suitable for both trading and service providing purposes.

komarom_geringer.jpg komarom_geringer_google_trkp_tvoli.jpg

Limit price: 680.000.000 Ft+Áfa

 Middle part of Transdanubia

(15BN003)In theextremely well approachabletown of garden-city characterlocated in the middle part of the Transdanubian region, a Life Care Centre, on a land of approx. 8,000 m2, with a building complex of 2,650 m2, and 90% capacity utilisation is for sale. The institute is functioning and managing partly with the utilisation of state subsidies. Both the institute and its staff may be extended by 50%.

Price:  discussion



In the industrial- and services belt of Kapuvár, next to the 85 Vienna-Budapest motor road, 55 km far from Győr and 40 km from Sopron, ab. 8.400 m2 plot isfor sale. The property contains a 3.800 m2 structure wich contains 3.000 m2 planthall-storage and 800 m2 social area. 
At the border of property you can find the thermal bath, camping, bicycle resting centre and a residential community, too.

The property has all necessary public utilities and parking place with solid cover.

Price: 280.000.000 HUF +VAT


(2KV004) In the industrial- and services belt of Kapuvár, next to the 85 Vienna-Budapest motor road, 55 km far from Győr and 40 km from Sopron, ab. 3.400 m2 plot, with a 1.150 m2 planthall and a 300 m2 storage, is for sale. At the border of property you can find the thermal bath, camping, bicycle resting centre and a residential community, too.

The property has all necessary public utilities and parking place with solid cover.

Price: 150.000.000 HUF +VAT

kapuvar-csarnok2.jpg kapuvar-csarnok1.jpg


(12PK001)A land of approx. 5.5. ha suitable for industrial and logistical purposes in the port at Paks.


The land is located in Paks, at 1532.4 km of the River Danube, in a distance of 400 m from Road 6, and 3 km from the M6 motorway junction of the town, to the South. Two transport rails belong to the land facilitating the loading of 12 carriages at the same time. The port has 2 cranes of 30 ton capacity, as well as it has a conveyor belt for the loading in and off of cereals which can be utilised as services.

paks_google.jpg  paks.jpg

Price: 29,5 Euro / m2 + VAT


On West-Transdanubia, in the inner city of Sárvár, next to main motor-road and gas station, on the street of Ikevár, in the district of Industrial Park, a 2-hectares plot is for sale. Property has whole infrastructure and 4.000 m2 coverage where offices, halls and stores of 7 m internal height are located.  This logistical and manufacturing hall was established in year 2003  and is currently utilized by lease in 100%.

Price:  HUF 490.000.000 + VAT




(359BG001) On the south side of the Balaton, in the city centre of Balatonboglár, near the lakeside, 1.100 m2 plot with a 4 level building, with public utility is for sale.
The gross 910 m2 , net 417 m2  real estate has a wellness section (sauna, swimming pool) and a lift, there are 5 places for cars in the garage. The wine-cellar, wine-house in the neigbourhood can reach through a passage.
On the ground floor and the first floor is able to create 4-4 appartman and 2 in the mansard. On the basement can form an official residence also.
The owner is looking for a partner for using the property in long term, and waiting for the offers any type of cooperation.

Price: HUF 70.000.000

boglar_metszet.jpg balatonboglar_googlemap.jpg



(123NYE001) In the City of Nyíregyháza, next to a national main road, in a commercial – servicing neighbourhood, a 9.000 m2, tidy, asphalted, fenced around plot suitable for car retail unit, or any other commercial – servicing activites’ premises, is for sale.

Price: 65 EUR+VAT/ m2 (total: 583.505 EUR+VAT)

     aaa_nyiregyhaza_foto.jpg   aaa_nyiregyhaza_google_jpg.jpg


In the town of Gyöngyös, a few km-s far away from the city centre and Highway M3, next to a national main road, in the neighbourhood of operating industrial and retail units, a 11.800 m2 plot whit a 7.2 m high, 2.400 m2 large hall is for sale.

The real estate is in good condition, it used to be kept under control and service.

The real estate actually functions as a chipping workhsop, it is excellently suitable for industrial, logistical and commercial activities.

600.000 EUR + VAT

gyongyos_foto01.jpg gyongyos_google_jpg.jpg



(14SZG001) No distance at all of city centre of Szeged, in industrial- and residential area, well functioning modern gas station is for sale. The gas station has been operating since 13 years and it has a direct contact with the road of city centre and with the main road of #5. The gas station is easy access from all direction.
Property area is 5.000 m2 and the station has 6 pieces of dispensers and one of them has heavy performance.
On the property you can find shop, car wash, car rental, gas-allotter and service too.
Gas station has been operating since 13 years like a franchise-partner and they have frame contract with ab. 12 pieces shipping company.

Price: 250.000.000 HUF +VAT -  
the owner can it rent back too -




(12PCS001) In the south-west of Pécs, in an area between High Road No.6 and the railway connecting the city with Budapest, on the Nyugati Ipari Road, located at the western exit of High Road No. 6, in an industrial environment, with direct connection to the newly constructed bypass, in the neighbourhood of Elektro World, Kika, Metro, Praktiker, Tesco shopping centres and other industrial – commercial units, a 60.000 m2 plot with all the utilities provided, with an office building, a warehouse and other improved properties on it, all in one are for sale. The building regulation plan defines the use of the territory for commercial, servicing and economic purposes.
The plot can be divided into 16 separate territories – under a conciliation with the Polytechnic Department of the Municipality – but there are also other possibilities to divide the land in other ways. . The maximum parcel coverage is 50%, its actual coverage is about 10%, thus the development balance offered by the property is significant.

Price: 14.500 HUF+Vat/m2 (there’s a possibility for the sale of the property together with the firm)


A part of our offers are not available on the website or in the catalogue,

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