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(359BP001) On the Buda side of Budapest, by the Szabadság-hill, next to the Southern Railway Station, a 4 storey, cca. 400 m2 building with street side and a 1.200 m2 plot,  with 4 parking places, is for sale. The property is in a very good technical situation.

Price: HUF  150.000.000 (inclusive VAT)

sold_bp_orbanhegyi_2.jpg sold_bp_orbanhegyi_1.jpg

(357BP001)In the business and financial district of Budapest, on one of the most important streets of the city, in the area with the busiest hotel activity,next to the crossing of Rákóczi street and the Nagykörút, in József Körút, a 5.524 m2 building is for sale. The building structure is in perfect condition. The building has 2 parts and between them an inner courtyard. Both front and rear façade are in excellent condition. It has got2 street sides (József boulevard and Bacsó Béla street), and is suitable for a high quality apartment-house, hotel or office building utilization.

Price: EUR  6.500.000 + VAT


(37BP002) In the 14th district of Budapest
, next to the  People's Stadium and the City Park, on the street of Ilka, about 2.100 m2 land is for sale. On the property an incomplete block of buildings is located and has theoretical permission to build up a 6 stage of office building or owner-occupied block.

Price:  Euro  2.200.000 + VAT



(135BP003)In the 8th district of Budapest, on the street of Baross a new, up-to date storied office building with 1.200 m2 floor-place is for sale. Property is suitable for hotel utilization. Building has cellar floor and parking place with 12 cars’ capacity in the yard of estate. 

Price: EUR 1.300.000 + VAT


(23BP001)In the 18th district of Budapest, next door  to the Ferihegy Air Port, on the main motor road, a 2-stage, 16.000 m2 hall with 6 m high interior and office buildings is for sale on 24.000 m2 land, together with firm, too. All the necessary public utilities and railway connection are available. The hall can be extended with 2 stages, and it is suitable for (Loft-type) apartment and/or office utilization.

Price:  HUF + VAT

Properties under construction:

In Budapest, on the street of Mogyoródi, a 1.600 m2 plot is for sale, with its 1.200 m2 floor-place building, which is suitable for office building, shop, business center, owner-occupied block or hotel utilization.


In Old Buda district of Budapest, a villa-estate is for sale, which is suitable for owner-occupied block utilization.  


Zugló district of Budapest
, at the #M3 highway exit gate, ab. 2.000 m2 plot is for sale. Property has a 1.200 m2 floor-place of building which is suitable for office building, owner-occupied block and pension utilization. 

bp-zuglo-szonyiut1.jpg bp-zuglo-szonyiut2.jpg

In the Buda site of Budapest, on the bank of Blue Danube, next to the exclusive residential community, a 2 hectare plot is for sale, which is suitable for residential community, office building and hotel utilization.  

         bp_marinapart2.jpg  bp_marinapart1.jpg

At the attractiveness of Budapest, in Szentendre, along the national motor road, for residential community and/or owner-occupied block utilization is/are for sale from 1 to 15 hectares.


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