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(398BP001) In Budapest, on Street Istenhegyi, an exclusive area, close to Embassies, a 650 m2 3-storeyd building on a 2.714 m2 ground is for sale with a garage for 6 cars or is for rent for a 3 to 5 years period.

Price: 485.000.000 HUF +VAT


In the historical centre of Budapest, in the diplomatic district forming part of the World Heritage, exclusive real estates are for sale. The block of buildings own 3 streetfronts and the territory’s neat area is about 4000 m2.  It is possible to share the real estates, the 2 buildings can be for sale separately.

Price: can be negotiated during a personal meeting


(359BP003) In the historical centre of Budapest, in the diplomatic district being part of the World Heritage, exclusive real estate is for sale. The building has 2 streetfronts and the territory’s neat size is about 2.000 m2.

Price: 2.300.000 EUR+VAT


Luxury hunting castle, 1.500 m2, not so far from Budapest, in the eastern part of the M0 ringway, running around the capital city, 3 km far from the airport Ferihegy and the Hungaroring too, together with 32 hectares plot and a small lake suitable for doing sports and fishing is for sale.

The castle is above sea level 300 m, on a hilly area, with recreation area in it’s surroundings. It's enclosed around; good-bearer fruit-trees have water-system too.
Receiving of privat airplane is possible too

The castle is excellently suitable for hotel-utilization, or organising sports- and free time activities, events.

Price:  EUR 4.800.000 + VAT

csomor_kastely_1.jpg  csomor_kastely_2.jpg

(359BP001) On the Buda side of Budapest, by the Szabadság-hill, next to the Southern Railway Station, a cca. 400 m2 building with street side and a 1.200 m2 plot , with 4 parking places, is for sale.
The property is in a very good technical situation.

Price: HUF 150.000.000 (inclusive VAT)         

 sold_bp_orbanhegyi_2.jpg sold_bp_orbanhegyi_1.jpg

In the exclusive diplomat district of Budapest, an about 1.600 m2 floor-place and 5-storey  castle, on 2.900 m2 plot is for sale. Type and style of building is de luxe. Further information about this building is available based upon personal discussion.

Price:  Euro 2.500.000 + VAT


In Budapest, at the most beautiful part of Buda hills, on 20.729 m2 plot an exclusive 3.732 m2 luxury castle (with apartments, swimming-pools, training room, etc.) is for sale, if required, together with company. For further information please contact us personally.

Price: USD 25.000.000 + VAT



In the 14th district of Budapest, on the street of Stefánia, a 2.856 m2 plot is for sale or rent for a long time, which has 5-storied castle with ab. 1.600 m2 floor-place. Property is suitable for office-building.

Price: 5.000.000 EUR +VAT




(9BP003) In the Buda site of Budapest
, on the Sun Hill, ab. 800 m2 exclusive villa is for sale, which is suitable for office building, home and pension utilization.

Price: EUR 2.250.000 + VAT





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